We do not know what the future holds for our children. However, we do know that they will need to be adaptable and resilient in a world we cannot yet imagine. Firelight invites you to share the gifts and teaching of the natural world with your children, which we believe to be as relevant in this technological age as ever before.

Firelight inspires children by fostering a living connection with nature; exploring  the wildlife around us throughout the seasons.

Craft, games, woodland wandering, spoken and written word and song are some of our tools. These are supported by compassionate communication, the developmental pedagogy of Waldorf education and Forest Schools UK


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Wishing you all a very Happy and Wonder filled 2018

BOOKINGS NOW  OPEN for Firelight Spring Sparks – Spring crafts, activities, games, songs, stories

29th May -1st June 2018,  10am – 4pm

£80 or £25 per day (concessions available)

Kerry’s Gate,  near Abbey Dore, Herefordshire

“We shall not cease from exploration, and at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time…” T.S. Elliott

On Tuesday, or Mars Day, we will introduce the ancient craft of lighting fire without matches. This practice will continue throughout the week. We may start on some whittling skills, and learn or practice how to use a sharp knife safely. Wands, staffs and magic may emerge…

On Wednesday, or Mercury Day, we will work with the wonders of wool. We may choose to make felt beads, or a peg loom mat. Whittling will continue with some small animals creeping in.

On Thursday, or Thor’s/Jupiter’s Day, the day will be inspired by tales from the East, creating animal forms, and carving mud-rock. We will see if we can find some Spring plants to eat along with a woodland version of Spring Rolls.

On Friday, or Freya/Venus Day, we will find colours and create transitory art to enhance the beauty of the woodland. Story sticks, song lines and tales will doubtless be created after the week’s adventures.