We do not know what the future holds for our children. However, we do know that they will need to be adaptable and resilient in a world we cannot yet imagine. Firelight invites you to share the gifts and teaching of the natural world with your children, which we believe to be as relevant in this technological age as ever before.

Firelight inspires children by fostering a living connection with nature; exploring  the wildlife around us throughout the seasons.

Craft, games, woodland wandering, spoken and written word and song are some of our tools. These are supported by compassionate communication, the developmental pedagogy of Waldorf education and Forest Schools UK


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coming soon….details of Firelight Easter Exploration, April 18th – 21st

£25 per day, concessions available

(Firelight Summer Foray 7th – 11th August, dates and venue tbc)

Luna Girls Group, Steiner Academy Hereford: Tuesday after school

Steiner Academy Hereford, Nature Games: Wednesday afternoons (term time)

Michaelchurch Escley Forest Pre- School: Thursdays (term time)

Wolf Pack: Cardiff, the Wennalt (monthly); tbc Herefordshire