School holiday clubs, Herefordshire


Firelight offers sessions during school holidays and half terms. These take place at different locations in the area. They are usually focused on creative free play and exploration: allowing children to breathe out from school in a gently supervised, unhurried timeless space. Sometimes we make simple seasonal crafts. We often play games and sing songs and we always nourish our bodies with fresh air and whatever the weather has to offer!


NEXT COURSE: August 15th – 26th 2016 Kentchurch, Herefordshire. Contact us for more information


Pyrites Craft Camp, Gloucester

Pyrites is an educational initiative working directly with schools, educational initiatives, and therapeutic organizations offering Practical consultancies , workshops , courses and running various Practical Skills Teacher Training Courses.

Pyrites has has been established with the aim of promoting and supporting experiential education, through traditional and landscape crafts, promoting an ethos of environmental sustainability.

Activities are coordinated by Bernard Graves , but rely on the skills and support of a wide network of crafts people, teachers and advisors.

Visit for more details about the activities and camp.