Luna Group

Firelight invites you to share the gifts of nature with your children


Girls experience huge changes between the ages of 10 and 13. Luna Girls Group gives them a safe space to explore and give voice to those changes using compassionate listening, writing and drawing.

Through a celebration and familiarisation of the seasonal and lunar cycles and their own personal stories the girls are encouraged to find their own spark and consolidate healthy self-esteem.

At our Luna adventure camp in the summer the girls learn about cooking over a fire, pitching a tent, keeping warm and natural navigation. Living so close to the elements and to each other gives a flavour of what it means to be part of a nourishing community: with all its benefits and challenges.

There are occasions where one to one mentoring for teenage girls is available. These sessions take place in a nurturing environment with access to a cosy fire and gentle outdoor walks. 

Article written for The Hedge (a local publication)…..CYCLES


Firelight inspires school, home educated and private groups of children by fostering a living connection with nature

Firelight explores  the wildlife around us throughout the seasons.

Compassionate communication is at the heart of our environmental education

Craft, games, woodland wandering, free play, story and song are some of our tools, supported by Steiner/Waldorf Pedagogy and Forest Schools UK