Nature Notes

image cooking dough sticks and making felt beads,

Menorca, Casa de las Tradiciones

Nature Notes are based in schools or as part of home education.  The education is a deeply environmental one: working on the love of nature rather than the fear of what human beings have the ability to destroy. The notes are of nature: listening to the quiet, rich tapestry of sounds we often miss that form a back drop to our busy technologically full lives; using our incredible senses to capture the sights, smells and touch that form the myriad colourful world of wildlife around us.

Nature Notes encourages children to connect with their local outdoor environment all year round. Nature Notes inspires children to beautifully document their experiences using sketches, colour and the creative use of words.

In this way children begin to feel they are an active part of the natural world, not merely an observer or consumer of natural resources. As Robert Macfarlane so elegantly puts it…”We need now, urgently…..a glossary of enchantment for the whole earth, which would allow nature to talk back and would help us to listen” (Landmarks).

The groups are tailored to individual circumstances. Sometimes the focus is more academic and knowledge based and sometimes more about self-expression, personal development and relationships with the human world and the world of wildlife.