What we do

“Education is the lighting of a fire not the filling of a bucket” – our work is based on the original meaning of ‘educare’: to draw out – supporting each individual to find their ‘spark’, their talents.

We are a Herefordshire based organization working creatively with children (and sometimes adults) to explore our natural world: that is to say, the nature around us and the potential within us.

We wander and find adventures and play then investigate the landscape, trees, plants, birds, insects, mammals in our local environment. We develop observation skills that lead us to a deeper connection with ourselves and the support of nature.

Firelight promotes the holistic development of all those involved (adults included): nurturing emotional, physical and intellectual growth and fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative learners.

In our modern world, even here in our beautiful county, and rural countryside, children are often allowed surprisingly little time to become aware of the fact that a relationship with nature is intrinsic to all human beings. We may forget that its development provides numerous opportunities for learning and growth, for fun and self-expression.

Group sessions facilitate co-operation and nurture self-esteem and personal resilience. Individuals are encouraged to explore the places just beyond their comfort zone where they can grow and learn, thus awakening self-motivated learning and awareness.

We document our experiences through story, song, journaling and creative crafts. We learn responsibility towards ourselves and others. We learn the value of the basic essentials for life: food, shelter, water and warmth.

Being out in all weathers all year round, offers the perfect landscape in which to grow physically, emotionally and intellectually.

We believe that it is only through a love of nature that children will be equipped with the wisdom and ability to care for the world we live in. Conservation needs to become a ‘natural form of human awareness’ (‘Landmarks’ Robert MacFarlan)

We find a gentle, nourishing atmosphere for learning by allowing the rhythms of the seasons, the months and the day to inform our sessions.

The inspiration comes from children the world over and from the works of Tom Brown Jr and Jon Young, Rudolf Steiner, Compassionate Communication, the Art of Mentoring and the Forest Schools Movement.

Activities take place mostly in Herefordshire but also further afield in Gloucestershire, Devon, Cornwall and Scotland.