Wolf Pack

Children join Wolf Pack to enjoy unstructured exploration and guided activities. The children are encouraged to create awareness of all the senses.

We have the privilege of having access to Crow Wood, the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust’s nature reserve where we can appreciate the wild flowers of the hay meadows, and play in the woodland and streams.

Wolf Pack runs on a regular basis so children have time to develop practical competency in basic tool use such as whittling knives, saws and hand drills alongside skills in shelter building and fire craft.

Each session has a familiar rhythm and begins and ends with a circle of acknowledgement, gratitude, personal story and often a song.



Wolf Pack also runs close to Hattie’s home and close to the homes of several of the children, so the connection with this particular landscape is current and alive. The magical places emerge out of the swathes of green as they have been already acknowledged and noticed. The evidence of the cyclical nature of growth and decay are more apparent than when the children visit new places every week. In our busy daily lives of cars and computers we have to re-train our senses to see, hear and smell the joyful, abundant variety in the natural world. We have to pause to re-learn, to experience the rapture of the soft touch of moss or the cool drops of rain, or warm breezes; to smell the different textures and colours of earth; to hear the whispering of the wind in the trees…..to allow our children to do this means taking time to allow ourselves to do the same. As the landscape becomes infused with our interaction, the subtle meaning of interdependence unfolds.

“Our daughter (8 years old) has been attending outdoor activities with Hattie for three years now. For the last year it’s been as part of a regular group called Wolf Pack. She comes home and tells us about all the things she has done, she says:
“The best thing about Wolf Pack is you get to learn all about nature and you learn how to do fires all by yourself. It feels you are in a team, like a family. Hattie is kind.”
(parent, March 2016)

“I wish we could have Wolf Pack every day!” (Anna, 8 years old, May 2016)